Air Filter of Automobile Cabin :

The entering air to the cabin through air conditioner system is filtered by this piece and blocks the enter of dust and other breathing movers to the cabin so causes the maximum rate of fresh air with lowest pollution and noise enter to the entering valves of dashboard to the cabin . General filters only can absorb dust and dangling fluids in the air ,because of their tissue and/or paper like structure. The second generation of produced filters of this company besides tissue like structure are consist of active carbon or efficient coal . The active carbon can make polluted gas such as NOX,CO2 , SOX  and … ,because of it’s porous and pertaining structure . Besides that, unpleasant smells will be absorbed by the filters and then fresh air enters to the automobile. May be, it was happened to the most that when turn on the air conditioner system of the automobile in hot season , bad smell spreads from the cooler . The main reasons are the aerobe bacteria on the filter which can damage body’s breathing system . In third generation of produced filters , the problem of unpleasant smells have been resolved because of use of Nano anti bacterial material.