After 5 years research and execution of initial sample , active carbon masks have been produced for absorbing dust , chemical materials and environmental pollutions . Following that ,by support of Science and Technology Campus of Tehran University , The most modern automate devices have been purchased and equipped for industrial production of this products .

Up to now ,in the way of producing this product , some success have been gained such as following cases :

*Publishing the selected essay in American Magazine Journal of Industrial Textiles .
*Presenting Selected Plan of Superior products of Science and Technology Campus of Tehran University
*Having confirmation from safety and environment laboratory of Atomic Energy Organization .
*Having license of patent of Filter from General Administration of Companies Registration and Industrial Ownership .
*Having confirmation of Foam and dust absorbing from Research Center of Technical Protection and Labor Health
*Having confirmation from Research Center of Nano-Biotechnology of Tehran Baghyatollah Azam University
*Selected for presenting at Innovation and Dehiscence Celebration of Genius’ National Foundation
*Having confirmation from Micro Biology Group of Medical Sciences Faculty of Tehran University
*Having Test Sheet from Standard and Industrial Researches Institute of Iran
*Supporting by President’s Headquarter of Nano- Technology Development
*Supporting by Science and Technology Campus of Tehran University
*Supporting by General Headquarters of Armed Forces

At present by considering the high quality , low price and providing technical services at produced items , Pegitay Co. is well known as provider of masks in many State’s Industry such as Oil, Petroleum , Cement, Copper, Chemical, Mine, Steel, Automobile Manufacturing and … . Besides that, by trial of research group and development and personnel’s cooperation , the products have been gained new glories which it’s news will be published very soon.